Mental Health Support

At Care AU, we specialise in providing support to both children and adults with disabilities who exhibit concerning behaviour. We prioritise human rights and use a evidence-based Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), which aims to improve the individual’s quality of life.

Our specialised team takes a positive and proactive approach, which means that we focus on strengthening helpful behaviour through learning and reinforcement, rather than using punishment or negative consequences. Additionally, we anticipate potential issues and take measures to prevent them from occurring, rather than just reacting after the fact.

The Commission has created five fact sheets about behaviour support.

They have been written with, and for, NDIS participants using Plain English.

The five participant fact sheets include (with Commission website links):

  1. What is positive behaviour support
  2. Understanding your rights
  3. Choosing a specialist behaviour support provider
  4. What to expect from your specialist behaviour support provider
  5. What to do if you are not happy with your specialist behaviour support provider 

The fact sheets can help you to understand more about positive behaviour support and your rights. They explain what providers are meant to do. This will help you to make decisions about providers.

Please note: We are registered to Implement Restrictive Practice.

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